Ádi has become a breeding dog!!!!! He is suitable groom for potential brides :-). Results of examination: CCL, PPL clear, HD A / A, eye examination: 22. 11. 2013

In the summer we traveled a lot and visited countries such as Albania or Bosnia.


Ádi Kaba Khyi is a young dog. He is a first born puppy of Dorjee. He has a charming colour called black and tan, with white legs, breast and white end of tail. He is our imp, he loves playing with her mother.In future I hope he will be a great breeding dog and great companion for my parents, whoes are his masters. He is full of energy, he plays with her mother all times. Ádi is also chatty after his father Tači.


26.6. 2013 He celebrated his first year and grew out of it a beautiful young dog. Since it is really a looker and people praise him, we continued the exhibition career. On the Club show in Lanškroun he managed to get the third CAC and finished the title Czech junior champion!!!He also became the club's junior winner :-) Adi loves shows, treating them mainly as a great place with lots of females :-)


Now we will have a longer break in show carrer. We prefer to spend wandering in the mountains :-). Adi manages to have the basics of climbing (ladder is not a problem). And he loves the snow as well as his mother.

obrázek obrázek

He had absolvated his first dog showand he got VP1 and he tried to fight in a final ring :-)



So I hope he will have a great future :-) a little in show (but he likes trips in nature more :-) ) and a little in mountains (but my parents aren't so big climers as I'm) More photo:

Ádi Kaba Khyi


Basic informations

Name: Ádi Kaba Khyi

Date of born:18. 4. 2012

Colour: black and tan, with white legs, breast and white end of tail :-)

Weight: 11 kg

Favourite food: meat

Favourite joy: his mother

Health:CCL clear, PPL clear, HD A/A

Eye examination:22. 11. 2013