6.8. 2013

Dor-jee (Telephelyi Bitang Evelin) is my amazing angel. One chilly morning I went to Hungary for my first Tibetan Terrier. I had chosen her sister, but Dorjee knew that I should be her master :-). She was still under my legs, still trying to get my attention. So I knew, that this puppy will be the right one. Since this time she is my little guide, who goes next me everywhere,where she can. Into the mountains, work, school, rocks or climbing walls. This different environment made her a great dog. She is accustomed to crowded streets, buses, trains... But in mountains - glaciers, rocks or via ferrata - there she is like at home. Her name is from Tibet language and it means "fireball" - and she is really like a wildfire when she is playing with other dogs. She is friendly with people or with dogs, but sometimes she is territorial as Tibetan terriers should be and no dog may touch of her food or my backpack. She wants to play also with our cats, but cats don't want to play with her :-)

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She loves long walks, hiking in the mountains, playing with her son Ádi or me, eating her food or rolling in the snow.


She loves meeting with animals in mountains, she is very curious to them, and sometimes, animals are curious to her :-)


Mountains lakes and rivers are great for refreshing, rocks are excellent for climbing and snow is superb for playing.


She likes also food, but she is a little bit choosy. She likes meat, ham, eggs and doesn't like dog food of course. But when she is hungry, it is good enough. She is brave, intelligent and self-sufficient, sometimes very stubborn. You have to be more clever than her, then she will obey you. Ideal is to give sweets and punishment (she must repeat sit down and lie down like a soldier - she hates it so it is a good punishment). Sometimes I think, she is half dog and half cat with charming independent temperament. But on the other hand, she is dependent on me, her master is for her everything, she needs her pack. She is so great climber! She can climb up to our roof with help of the ladder. Sometimes she climbs to trees. In mountains, she is really queen. She is quicker than me, but she waits in the shadows, if I'm too slowly. She can use ladders. In glacier I need a crampons, but Dorjee don't. She has her great paws. They are made for mountains (Wide - for good distributions of weight, so she don't fall trough snow, with superb claws for ice) .


But after every adventure, she likes to get home, to my (maybe her?) bed, because our bed (sleeping bag) in the ways is too small :-)


Basic informations

Name: Telephelyi Bitang Evelin (Dor-jee)

Date of born: 17. 11. 2009

Colour: sable with white paw :-)

Weight: 11 kg

Favourite food: meat

Favourite joy: pet bottle, lion,ball