2.2. 2017

At the end of March we take Dorjee to Slovenia to meet with her love - Gjan (Snying Rje Che Ba Gya Nyes)

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sweet couple

France, Spain 2014


France, Spain

At the end of summer, I went to France for my one month lasting working stage. So for fist time, I had to leave Dorjee for longer time. But she was in good hands and all was alright. Just for me, it was interesting to recognize, how strange it is to be without my life guide. Tha walks in nature are absolutely non entire, something is missing. Then Dorjee arrived with big car (not as a driver of course :-) ) and we spent 3 weeks on way...Spain, Andora, France....such a geat time!!!

We falled in love with Pyrenees and its majestic eagles (I was little afraid, when they started to circle just above us) and rocks. In Spain side, canyons are so deep, big and there is nobody...The lanscape is different, sometimes with red rock and ground, the scenes are like scene from westerns.



Andorra is lovely small country, living from turism, with so many shopping centres (yes, the prices are really good) but also with clear mountains.


Then we moved to France, first to have a bath in sea, then to great valleys of Tarn and Jonte for climbing. This 2 rivers are amazing, pity that the autumn weather did not allow us to bath. The rock are very nice and for safer feelings during climbing, there are vultures above you :-D.

More photo:France, Spain 2014



Rok 2014



On first july week we again visited a Balkans, this once beautiful country of Macedonia. It is a wonderful country with exotic touch of mosques and orient as it is typical for this part of Europe. We managed to climb on a highest peak of Macedonia (and Albania) Golem Korab 2764 m.n.m.


We met also a lot of dogs - typical Sarplaninac shepherds dogs in mountains of Sarplanina., Then we enjoy a swimming in lakes and a little bit of culture. People were usually friendly and we were able to speak with them Czech - Macedonian. Only in a town Tetovo, near borders with Kosovo, we were suprised by "for kosovo, anti macedonian" mood. And absence of any alcools in shops and restaurants (the majority of town forms muslims).More photo:Makedonie





On the spring we went to explore a beauty of Apennines. And they are really beautiful, but the weather wasn't. A lot of rain and even snow in relatively low places.


Me and Dorjee, we tried to get on the highest peak of Apennines, unfortunately the conditions were bad, with a risk of avalanches. And it is not good when you go there only alone with your dog. So we had to turn back just a 200 vertical metres under the summit.


The next peak Monte Vettore was reached, because the weather got better and we enjoyed also a sun and sea :-) More photo :Apeniny


Year 2014


Ádi has become a breeding dog !!!

He is suitable groom for potential brides :-). Results of examination: CCL, PPL clear, HD A / A, eye examination: 22. 11. 2013


Dorjee also tried to walk on the show ring, though her hair after a tiring summer did not manage to grow. She received the E4, but with a kind opinion and commentary. Judge said that we have to let the hair grow back and we will win, because Dorjee is absolutely perfect TT, with a great figure, motion, muscles and hair structure :-)

New Year's Eve we celebrated with Dorjee high in the mountains Totes Gebirge and it was really great! For me it was one of the most powerful experiences when I myself went on the su peaks and share the beauty of abandoned wild winter mountains with my dog. Snow everywhere, hostile but also so friendly landscape, wild wind and the common desire to reach the summit,me with crampons, Dorjee with her paws :-). More photos:Totes Gebirge in winter


In the summer, we have managed to travel a lot of other places (Albania, Italy, France), Dorjee even tried canyoning, which is a sport, where you go down the canyon, occasionally jumping and occasionally abseiling. Well mainly we very much traveled, so Dorjee is probably one of the most travelled TTs. Altogether she was in 16 countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, France, Croatia, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Macedonia, Monaco, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia and Switzerland. Ádi is lagging a bit behind with 12 countries :-)


Albania is a beautiful country that charmed me and I definitely plan to return here one day. The mountains are wild and deserted, rivers full of fish, beautiful canyons, sea and sightseeing. Adventure country as it should be. Only the garbages are horrible, this is a beach:


More photo: Albania

Dogs have enjoyed many swimming in exploring the wild rivers:


Also, I was in France and Italy with Dorjee.


Spring 2013

6.8. 2013

Adi went succesfully to his show career. At the first show (in the puppy class) he was recommended in the final circle :-). I on the other shows we generally fared well. Sometimes we had really intreeresting assesment, I found that I must exhibit various dogs, not the same :-D (too high versus good or standard height):-D. In the club show in Lanškroun Adi became Club Winner young and at the same time finished the title !! :-) Czech junior champion!!! :-) I'm so proud of him. Now he is having rest from exhibitions. Of course, he is a mountain dog! :-))


In the spring I had to finish my school, so there was no time for trips. But now is...

Me and Dorjee were in Saxon Switzerland.

Saxon Switzerland


Bosnia and Herzegovina with dogs.


At the beginning of the summer we went to this wonderful country. Mountains are beautiful and wild, like few in Europe.


Most of the territory of BiH is formed foot of the mountains and plateaus, and Sarajevo is a city surrounded by mountains. However, traces of war are seen almost everywhere. The big disadvantage of the mines, of which there are still many. However, if you hold the roads, you should not be in danger.

Photo gallery:Bosnia and Herzegovina with TTs



10. prosinec 2012

Some news from autumn.

We was in Beskydy mountains


We got a pedigree of our pupiies (long time,officials had maybe holiday in summer), so we went to visit some of our puppies personaly.

We met Alti - she is a copy of her mother, what do you think?

Altyn tagh in new home + new photo from meeting!


We visited Mači, we took with us TT from my friend - Terezka, so we had a gauch full of Tibetans :-)

Ammně Mačhen -"Mači" in new home


Then we went to Prague and here we met with Ambi - she was very happy to see us :-)

Ambiká in new home + new photo from meeting!

I made together with Dorjee nice trip in Prague and she was a great model...


We was also climb in Adršpach, and near in Poland (beautifull rock town,) - it was first trip in sandstone for Ádi, he loved it :-) Fotky z obou výletu -Prague a Adršpach

Then we was in Sasko with our friend Charlie.



11. 9. 2012

We have web pages in English!

Summer 2012

1.9 2012

The puppies of "A" litter are in new homes. I wish them a nice happy life full of enjoy and hapiness. Thanks their new masters to carry them with love :-). Here are photo from new homes:

Akšara in new home

Ambiká in new home

Altyn tagh in new home

Other photo and informations found in section Puppies.


Our firts born son Ádi stay at home, and together with Dorjee, we thave traveled and traveled. We was in Alps, had a bath in sea and me and Dorjee climb up other big mountain - Breithorn 4165 m!


So summer 2012 was a nice time, more photo froum our wandering in mountains foun here - Summer 2012

Wedding day

24.2. 2012


21.2. Dorjee had a weeding day.

From CKMU went a certificate about our kennel. So we will call Kaba Khyi ,it means snow dog.

4. 2. 2012

Dorjee is a breeding bitch :-)


Dog tree climbing :-)

14. 1. 2012

One day we went to a walk and take a photocamera. First I wanted to make some nice photo of Dorjee in nature. But Dorjee decided other way. She saw a trees..and you can¨consider the result oneself :-).Shee was like a little mountain lion.


Facebook, dog tree climbing


Tree -climbing with TT