Update 16.5.2017

"A" litter * 18. 4. 2012

B litter - * 21.3.2017

Dame: Dorjee (Telephleyi Bitang Evelin)
Sir: Gyan (Snying Rje Che Ba Gya Nyes)

Gyan is an active handsome tibetan terrier, so together with Dorjee ae really nice couple of two tibetans with love for mountains :-) Gyan is also grandson of Gyantso - an imported dog from Tibet Native tibetanterrier and I'm really proud that puppies will share his line.



8. 5. First adventures!

We did the first steps in the big world. During the weekend, we went for several "smaller" trips. We have tried a longer journey by car and then explore a a variety of environments such as forest, meadow, path, or climbing wall. But all this was preceded by one very ugly thing - vaccination and chipping - for "our good", but it wasn't nice. Fortunately we easily forget and 5 minutes later, we played cheerfully again.


3. 5. Exploring the world!

The weather has got better and so we can explore outside world (our garden). Also we were visited by our father from Slovinia, so the whole family got together. And we were playing on the grass, catching our mother and biting and tasting grass, sticks, leaves or flowers.


26. 4. B litter in full beauty!

Time is flying and so we have grown up in beautiful dogs... We have 5 weeks and we manage to play, eat from the dish, barking, growling and also (sometimes) going on dog toilet.

Here are our summary photos: B litter

And here we are (by clicking on the photos you will get to our individual albums):










16. 4. We play!

So we've grown pretty well and we're starting to play. Earlier, such shy hints, now and now, we're biting siblings, mummy or our own paws.

Hrajeme si!

We also made our first drive by car on such a large green area (garden), and there for the first time we tried the grass in the paws. Unfortunately, it was quite cold and so it was not for big games.


Well, at home, we're starting to take the first trips out of our world= the birth box. For example a mum bowl needs to be thoroughly explored!

Mámina miska

9. 4. We are growing!

Soon we will have three weeks and we are becoming the real dogs. We have eyes open, we are trying to walk and play. We've also managed the first deworming - ugh, and the first clipping nails.

Today we tried the first feeding - meat, it was great! It's just weird, that it can not be suck as milk from mothers.

And the greatest gluttons of us lie down directly into the bowl!
Krmíme se!

1.4. 2017 - We get the names.

All comes from Tibetan languages, because we are Tibetan terriers And here they are:

  • Bairo – a famous "translator" living during the reign of King Trisong Detsen in 755-97 CE
  • Bar-gzu – reconciler, peacmaker
  • Bonpo – shaman of ancient Tibet shamanism
  • Buddha - :-)
  • Bahika – Tibetan word for a bird
  • Barmé - uninteruptted, nothing stands between
  • Bapu - mystical person between sky and eart, helping suffering on the Earth

And that's how we look when we eat well:

26.3. 2017 - Bouldering on mother.

New photos have been added to album .


22.3. 2017 - We are on the world - 3 girls and 4 boys!! :-)

first day

2.3. Belly

The date of birth is closer and Dorjee's belly is growing :-)


14. 2. Ultrasound

On Valentine's Day, Dorjee gave us the best present - the ultrasound confirmed that she will have puppies.

sweet couple

We have our puppies for pleasure, once a time. We choose a father carefully - some handsome, healthy and sports boy with a good, kind nature. Our puppies leave their home with vaccination, microchip, Pet-passport, Export pedigree and ours and mother's love. Of course, they have a good socialisations. They meet with other dogs from family and friends, and also with our rabbit :-). When they have a 6 -8 weeks (after vaccination), they start with very short walks in safe neighbourhood. And we try to teach them a basic hygiene habits. In return we require a kind owner with a lot of love.